Southend Eyebrow Microblading Essex

About Southend Eyebrow Microblading Essex

Eyebrow microblading is sweeping the country and is ideal for those who want to achieve a redefined eyebrow shape

It is especially ideal for those who have over-plucked, light-coloured or thin eyebrows that need to be enhanced. Microblading can also reconstruct and redefine the eyebrow shape, whether you want a feathered arch or a straighter, bolder look. It entails creating semi-permanent, individual hair strokes manually with a hand-held tool, a ‘tattoo’ machine is not used.

The microblading technique is ideal for:

• People who constantly have their brows tinted
• People who constantly pencil in their brows

• People with limited vision or cannot apply makeup without glasses
• Stroke survivors, people with arthritis, Parkinson’s disease or other medical conditions that prevent them from applying cosmetic makeup
• Clients with alopecia or other conditions affecting hair production (chemo) – special rates for these
• Sport enthusiasts such as swimmers, runners and cyclists who want to look their best but will sweat off cosmetics
• People who are too busy to spend hours on their appearance but need to look their best

Treatments take place in my beautiful dedicated microblading studio in Hall Road, Rochford – by Rochford Hundred Golf Club.

Please message me via facebook or call 07717 717268 or contact me by clicking the link below.

*Special rates for alopecia sufferers and those who have had chemotherapy*